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Traditional recipes, the quality of the raw materials, the mastery of the hands of our butchers, the passion for our work is all that we enclose in our products.

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The scent that recalls a distant era and an unmistakable flavor that takes you back in time: this is what we want to express with the production of our seasoned, natural, healthy products, made with the love and care as always. And without haste, by respecting the times that each product requires to be really good.

Venetian salami such as our Soppressa Nostrana with or without garlic,  Salamino Piccante and finally our Pancetta, Filone, Coppa: our offer enhances the flavors of the classical seasoned production, the one that our grandparents brought us and that makes special even a simple moment with family or friends, today as yesterday.

Torresano Salumi is a combination of technology and tradition, where tradition leads innovation. Everything is designed to ensure that the processing of the meat, once hand-made, keeps the features and expressions of flavor typical of the traditional product.

Our cured meats are certainly different from all the other products on the market. And our operators’ skills ensure that the processing phases are respected every day.

Our mission is to bring you the unique taste of our cured meats.

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In our store you can find our cured meats, genuine traditional products and foodstuff!

We supply butchers, delicatessens, wholesalers and restaurants with selected meats and typical Venetian salami.